What Are The Best Drone Stocks To Watch? Drones That Carry Passengers, or Drone Package Delivery. I’ll Show You.

Best Drone Stocks To Watch.

Request a Georgia Absentee Ballot. 🇬🇪

posted by Uncle June 3:09 AM (01-02-2021)

Click Here To Vote In Georgia.

“Detox or colon dump with herb juices, seeds, nuts, or red wine.”

Barefoot Meditations Vlog.

January 06, 2020, easily, was the dumbest day in American “Political” History. 

“Big Kids Are People, Too!”

I’m a big 55 year old kid, just a walking down the street, singing doo wah ditty on my way back from my daily healthy exercise ritual to CVS Pharmacy on 16th Avenue, for a tube of fixodent for my dentures….got distracted…..somehow Uncle June ends up bringing home a small bottle of Reisling wine. Beautiful 70 degree December weather for a Saturday walk. Enjoying the Christmas decor being set up outside the Adkins Photography Studio across the street. Grandpa Renay puts #FamilyFirst There’s a flirtatious United Methodist Church on my right hand side. The dome architecture is legendary. The Adkins Photography Studio Bldg stands front in center. It’s monumental Roman—Greco columns decor laurel victory wreaths, breathtaking wrap around front porches. Majestic vista views from every angle. Exquisite attention to detail. Adkins Photgraphy Studio is owned by a woman. I adore Renay’s French name. A 10 year old appears on a scooter, he’s an exhuberant pirate/ Star Wars specialist, he shift shapes into my Oculus Goggles wearing virtual tour guide. He likes the way I dance. His little 6 year old sister already has dropped dance moves for Art, and Gymnastics.

I’m suddenly imagining myself as two gifts,
a Toy Soldier, and a wooden Nutcracker in a Pytor Tchaikovsky Christmas ballet, the royal velvet curtains open, I stagger into the middle of a magical secret garden.

Then—from the front porch a Prince appears! Two Iron butterflies dance in my belly.

“There he IS!!!”

“Willy Wonka!!”

“Who’s Willy Wonka?”

“Roald Dahl’s” Mr Willy Wonka…from the novel, “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.” The chief photographer landscaper is pleasantly surprised. We shake hands, Renay’s handshake is inviting, firm, a comforter, romantic as the opening chess moves of Capulet’s King Gambit.

Renay Adkins has soft hands for a man that has worked 43 years. He is very tall, equally handsome, wise….strong….a hard worker for a Landmark business that once had a dozen staff workers in 2008. Only one man does the labor of a dirty dozen now. The 70 year old hands of a romantic man could orchestrate this entire Chocolate Factory. Live in caretaker, Master craftsman. Renay is the romantic Rosarian whom maintains a hidden magical garden . ….when I retired in April of 2016….. this secret rose garden is the treasure cove that I wrote about in my novel, “The Barnett Crossroads”, a timeless piece of eternity, where poet laureates can visit from all over the globe, a magical place to sit down quiet the mind, meditate, read a good book, tell short stories on front porches, sip a dry Chardonnay, swallow a couple of happy hour shots filled with honey with bourbon whiskey, even enjoy a big cigar. Barefoot meditations, hum a psalm, pray, listen, chant, enjoy the soothing sounds of a water fountain filled with life, and the lyres of Orpheus. A slice of yummy heaven hidden far, far away, beneath the rest of the crazy world, a treasure cove. A poetic corner right in the cozy den of Crisp County Cougars.

My First Blog? 2007.

GameSpot. I wrote about composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The Japanese video game composer is best known for scoring the majority of the music in the Sony Playstation Final Fantasy VI. I purchased the game for my nephew, Demetrius, years ago for his Nintendo DS. I never played it, but I loved the breathtaking musical score by, NOBUO UEMATSU.

{Nintendo DS & Sony Playstation’s Final Fantasy Series}

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