Hi, I am a 55 year old retired snowplower.

Introduction followed by Invitational poem.
Asian Haiku (575 Format)
My First Poem.
7 Keys to Success.

  • Introduction:

“What is a Poem?”

I’ve always asked myself this riddling question as a 15 y o Milwaukee Trade & Tech High School student, daydreaming in English class. This is all a figment of my imagination. Life being a reflective mirror of how i’m vibrating and feeling inside, at any given moment.

Typically a creative artist just doesn’t go around logically thinking a poem into beingness. A poem is more of a subjective “FEELING” that gently emanates from the center. The Inner Sun. The Heart is gently uncovered, like clouds dissolving in the heat and warmth of the rising sun. It’s an unveiling of sorts. You allow the solar energy to blossom up from deep ancestral roots, up the spinal stem, seasoned by sharp protective thorns, then lovingly let go, and freely released to the Universe. It’s a subtle connection to ultimate reality. The trouble with words is that symbolism and labels usually distort and get in the way of the FEELINGS beyond the words. Intuition allows one to swim deeper to that rich inner core. Like a spelling bee…diving deeper Into the HEART of the FLOWER/ SOUL/ SOURCE that permeates all matter. Only then can the essence of all that is be truly appreciated, as a reflective mirror of oneself.


“A poem is word play, yet it is the FEELING beyond the words.”

To FEEL the eternal moment without preconceived notions or ideas on the matter.

The rrrrred rose.

You silence the noise of the mind first. Then you LISTEN. To frequencies, sounds, vibrations, whatever comes. The unlimited spectrum of electromagnetic energies. Until you perceive that Universal community garden, that ultimate Mother called Earth within.

Heart is an anagram for Earth.

So it all comes around again,
Full sacred circle.

Mind & Authentic Heart meeting in the middle with a cup of coffee or tea.

A poem is MOVEMENT co-existing with STILLNESS.
It is that simple.

“I am my poetry, and so are YOU.”

“Lost myself in your soulful embrace,
stripped of all sense of time & space,
Wrapped up in a burning dancing flame,
at the center of the most unspeakable love,
That puts all rose petals & horizons to shame,
after finding my self again for what felt like an eternity, I still don’t even know your name…” – The Poet

  • Palpable.

My favorite American English word.

  • Asian Haiku. (575 Format)

‘If my words fail
to put the reader
in a soothing place

or at the most
a state of ecstasy,
on occasion

…then I need to STEP


7 Master Keys to Success.

1) Purpose & Focus

2) Passion

3) Positive Attitude

4) Commitment

5) Discipline

6) Integrity

7) ‘Fess Up (Come Clean)

Actually, these steps reflect the 7 chakras.
There is Flexibility.


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